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The inaugural What A Time To Be Alive syndicate was established in 2019.

The basic aims were to invest in, develop, race and learn from thoroughbreds - focussing on enjoyable and memorable experiences, in the most transparent and inclusive way possible

We target horses that we feel we can develop the careers of, have success with on the track and hence appreciate the value of. All our horses are flat horses, trained in Newmarket, in one select training yard, giving us a clear focus, and maximising our chances of achieving those aims.

For us, the ownership experience and the journeys our horses can take us on stretch far beyond just the races themselves.

In advance of and in between races, all shareholders will be welcomed to see their horses in their home environment, and at exercise. Each horse's development and plans for races are discussed openly with each group, with the trainer and the full team at the yard. Full information regarding entries and declarations are shared in real time and 24 hours before each race day each shareholder receives a complimentary Timeform racecard, along with instructions and plans for the day.

On race day itself, each shareholder will receive at least one free owners badge and have an option on purchasing extra, and we do our best to make each occasion as memorable as possible.

Irrespective of results, we take time after each race to review the results as deeply as possible. In addition to the feedback from trainer and jockey, we will add our own analysis and share a full précis of each race - incorporating race ratings, timefigures, sectional timings, and when possible depending on the racetrack, stride data. Particularly in the younger horses, this will inform us the way forward in terms of future race targets, and enhancing everyone's experience.

2020 & 2021 provided unforeseen challenges in terms of experiences & opportunities, 2022 was our best ever year, including having runners at Royal Ascot & at York's Ebor meeting. 2023 saw a win

in the iconic Grey Horse Handicap on the July course, and 2024 is shaping up to take us even further.

Join us and other like-minded racing fans on one of our upcoming adventures. We would be delighted to hear from you via our contacts page, so you can be the first to know about future purchases and share options, or if you would like to discuss getting involved at any level. 

Horse history:

Silver Samurai - Bought for EUR22,000 - Current Earnings £116,000 - peak OR99


Gladice - Bought for GNS7,000 - Sold for GNS13,000


Giuseppe Cassioli - Bought for GNS10,000 - Sold for GNS17,000

Invincible Aura - Bought for GNS22,000 - peak OR77


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