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What do I get for my share?

Upon purchasing a share, you will become a member of the syndicate specific to your horse, that is registered with the BHA/Weatherbys. You are entitled to the requisite % of the horse's earnings, as well as your share of any proceeds from the future sale of the horse. On racedays you will be entitled to a free Owners badge and the option to access extras for guests. There will be regular opportunities to visit your horse at the trainer's yard, and outside of this you will receive regular and detailed footage and information around your horse's development and races.

What does my initial payment cover?

Typically our horses will be purchased at a UK/Irish auction. The upfront cost covers your share of this, any associated sales commissions involved, and any training fees accrued since the auction. 

What do my monthly fees cover?
All training fees and associated expenses are covered by the monthly charge. Trainer's fees, basic vets treatment, farrier fees, equine dentist etc. In addition, and costs associated to entering your horse in races, horse transport to and from the course plus related costs, and the chosen jockey's riding fee is all covered here.

How long will each syndicate agreement last?

This will vary by horse, and will guidelines be stipulated in each syndicate agreement, and of course can be discussed in advance of taking a share. The type of experience you would like may steer you towards which horse to take a share in. Buying a yearling for example would normally be a 24 month arrangement, but an older horse bought at a horses-in-training sale may be set up initially for 12 months. 

How much involvement will I have in my horse's career?

We will only work with trainers we trust to manage our horses' careers considerately, and as such will leave race-planning to them. However, as mentioned in the 'About' section of this site, we have very open communication within each group about each horse, with a forum for all views and suggestions to be discussed both internally and with the trainer.

Who is the trainer, and why?

Our horses are trained by Marco Botti in Newmarket. Prestige Place is one of the most modern yards in a town considered the home of British horse racing. We have developed a valuable friendship and sound working relations with Marco over recent years. His record in purchasing for us (and generally) is excellent, and the array of equine talent in his yard always gives us a good read on where our horses are in in their development.

Newmarket itself provides access to 2,500 acres of training grounds on a variety of surfaces all year round, providing flexibility and much valued variety each horse's training regime. With the 2 raceourses there operating through 8 months of the year, and the numerous historical and contemporary racing facilities open for visitors, it provides owners with a great opportunity to combine a visit to the yard with a weekend away.

Why choose 'What A Time To Be Alive'?

In a time where the prospects of financial returns from being a racehorse owner have grown increasingly remote, a fresh outlook is needed to attract new owners and shareholders into the sport - and retain them. We are targeting that goal by broadening the experience beyond just the raceday itself. Whilst we will always focus on buying horses we feel we can appreciate the value of, our focus remains on what we can learn on each journey, and making the most of the fun & social aspects of ownership. 

We have a natural interest in every aspect of the racing industry, and take a holistic view of how it operates. Whilst this enable us to see its deficiencies, it also means we can focus on the great parts of what this amazing sport has to offer. We share everything we know and find, and hope to learn from conversation and interaction with fellow stakeholders in the industry. 

Most importantly, we believe the future of the sport in some significant part depends on the buoyancy of ownership, and that syndication and indeed shared ownership of all types hold the key to that. That 5 or 10% share should feel like 100%, and that is what we're looking to provide. 

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